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Memorial Logistics

Private Page: Please leave.


The property has two addresses (same property):

  • 939 San Vicente Blvd.
    Santa Monica CA 90402
  • 120 Larkin Place
    Santa Monica CA 90402


See picture below for measurements of the property.

Setup Schedule (tentative)

Initial Setup, Fri, March 24

  • Tent setup
  • Chairs
  • Honeywagon
  • Move existing “stage” platform and screen
  • AV Positioning, pre-setup
  • Layout for food stations
  • Table and chairs for food areas


Day of Memorial, Sat, March 25

  • 9am: Setup
    • Check chairs for if they need wipe down
    • AV Setup
  • 1pm: Slide show being
  • 1:30pm: Valet service start (tentative)
  • 2pm: Guests begin arriving
  • 2:30(ish)pm: Speakers begin (tentative)
  • 5:30pm: Valet service end (tentative)


After Guests Leave, Day of Memorial

  • Food area clean up
  • AV Teardown


Monday, March, 27

  • Chair pickup
  • Tent removal
  • Honeywagon pickup

Screen Dimensions

For inside tent use

Click on right for screen specs for inside the tent.